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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi everyone! I'm so incredibly sorry that I've been a bad blogger and totally neglected my blog for so long!
Though... I feel I do have somewhat of an excuse! 
I've returned to the workforce, in the best possible way -doing something that I love!
You see, I've been a very busy little girl, learning loads, and creating 
A brand new, online scrapbooking store with all the latest and greatest products (and lots of old favourites too!), all at great prices. 
I'm getting started on doing a blog for the store as well, where I hope to continue on where I left off this year, with lots of fun projects and ideas to share. 
If you'd like to join me over at the new blog, follow!  Or if you're in Australia and are keen for a spot of shopping, pop onto and keep me in a job! :) 
We haven't activated overseas shipping at this point, because we have literally just gotten started - though if you're overseas and see something you MUST have, just send me an email at and i'll be in touch to work something out :)
Thanks for staying with me through my extended break, but I am back now, and busier better than ever! :)

x Rita