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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

100th post!!!

Yay! 100 blog posts! 
And to celebrate, I think I might just do a little giveaway! 
In the comments section, tell me a little something about yourself, and I'll pop you in the running to win... something! 
Ok...  I'll let you pick... A handmade string of chalkboard fabric bunting!  So you can personalise it with your own message whenever you like! (I'll be doing a blog entry on a string of this this week sometime!) or.... a ruffly apron to wear when you're being fabulous in the kitchen!   Winner's choice!
This competition is only open to followers of my blog, so if you're not a follower, join up! Right now the odds of winning are pretty good!
Also, I'm happy to post this prize overseas too, so it's open to everyone, not just my Aussie readers! 
I'll close off comments on here at 7pm Saturday 25th June 2011, (That's Queensland time!), so make sure you enter before then!


Lisa said...

Thanks for my pyjama pic on your blog! :-) Cool pic though! I added me as a follower but it came up as Aaron. It's so not Aaron! :-) Hope I win. I will get a bunting with "the best sister"written on it and I shall hang it in the lounge! :-)

magic and drudgery said...

Hey - I told you I was born in Townsville, well my parents moved back to Scotland for a working holiday when I was only 2 and they never returned. I was in Townsville in 1999 during a year of travelling round Oz with my husband. We love Australia and if it weren't for the flamin bankers we would be living in Sydney - we were all set to go out, had visa's and job sorted along with a relocation package but the housing market died the very same week we put our house on the market and we weren't able to sell. Boohoo.

Finger's crossed - the apron sounds lovely!!

Sharelle Plug said...

Just discovered your FB site and blog today Yah! Somthing about myself? Umm im crafty but seriously lack motivation, I like to blame my kids for taking it away from me ;)

nelly_p82 said...

I am an avid follower of your blog Rita as you know! I love seeing and hearing about the amazing projects you are undertaking and like to try some of them for myself.

Harry and I are about to undertake a project which involves one craft project together a week for a year! Pictures to follow.

About me, well I am 29 (almost) I love to make things, scrapbook and read about other people's amazing projects and live vicariously through them ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita, I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it so far. I'm trying, much like you, to make lots of lovely things but unlike you, I'm not a mum. I'm 23, living in Oxford in the UK, and I try to make something little everyday - usually part of a patchwork quilt or a cushion. More interestingly (perhaps), I love to listen to all kinds of music while I do this - up there at the top of my current playlist is KT Tunstall (she's fantastic!). I think craft bloggers should have more convos about what they listen to as they create - music seems to play a huge part in my crafting. Don't know if this is the case for you too?

Sewandthecity said...

Hi Rita, congratulations on your 100th post ( I’ve got long way to go) I love your blog and keep checking it almost every day as I can’t get enough of your creative ideas!
I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany with my German husband and our 3,5 year old daughter who was the reason behind my rediscovered creativity ( I guess that is the case with many mums, and my theory is that the pregnancy hormones transform into creativity hormones after the birth :-)
We moved to Germany from London at the begging of the year and I really miss the lovely quilting shops and my old knitting group – the Knitting Bees from Wimbledon.
I love blogging (writing in mine and reading others) and the fact that people all over the world can relate and feel almost like they know each other simply for one reason – a passion for creating!

Amanda @ said...

Congrats on reaching the triple digits!!! I'm a follower (have been for a while) and love your blog!

Rita said...

Thanks everyone for leaving a comment! I'll slip over to, and pick a winner!