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Monday, June 13, 2011

My big project!

First of all, please forgive the dodgy iphone photos.  I intend on going back with my good camera and taking some decent shots of all of this next week :) 
My friend Michele, who owns Scrapbook Shenanigans in Townsville, asked me if I'd be interested in dressing her windows.  I jumped at the challenge, and immediately decided that I wanted to do a sweet shop/tea party theme. 
So, over the last few weeks, I've spent my nights creating a teapot, teacups and an array of goodies for my little tea party... without further ado, here's some photos!
 It's fun trying to take pics through glass :o 
 The bases for my little mini cakes :)
 Lots and lots of lollies!  These were made using a little circle of paper, covering them with tape, and then coiling some colourful twinery twine around and around and around and around....  and then wrapping the lot in cellophane!
 Here they are in their cute little jar.  I added some pearls to this before it went into the window.  In the background you can see some itty bitty little strawberries that I made as well :)
 The cake stands, before adding the patterned paper skirts, and decorating the cakes.  These were made by threading polystyrene balls onto a skewer, which I glued onto a little base, and topped with an old ribbon reel.  I added paper trims to hide the ugly bits later on though. Aren't the colours fun though! (and isn't my desk a disgrace!)
 Teeny tiny cupcakes... calorie free!
 I made a stack of rosettes to hang from the undersides of the shelves.  They looked so pretty on my desk I wanted to keep them there! :)
 Close up of the detail on the rosettes - I used a fiskars border punch to create this look.
 Getting there slowly, decorating the cakes and their stands...

 And that's it for now, until I'm able to get back in and get some better detail photos with my good camera.  There's SO much more on display, so click on the last two photos to try and see a bit more detail :) 
Hope you likey!
x Rita


marie said...

What fab ideas, what a great window - I would definitely go into a shop with a window so cool! love it:)

Rita said...

Thanks Marie :) it came our far cooler than I had imagined! The only trouble was that when I was making it I kept wanting to eat cake...and lollies... And cupcakes... Lol

Lisa said...

I went and saw it today. Looked awesome! The kids really loved seeing it too! I loved the poem, that was a really nice touch. LOVED it!! Well done!

Tara @ Mum-ments said...

OMG i love it!!
ive been waiting to see what you've been working on its gorgeous
so many fabulous ideas! Go MUMMA!

Sewandthecity said...

Hi Rita, I love the work you've done for the shop front of your friend! What a great opportunity to challenge yourself and see how far you imagination and craft skills can go! Absolutely adore the candy shop theme and all the clever things you made and all the super cute details! Calorie free cupcakes - my favourite!!!