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Friday, February 11, 2011

Craft Room

Today's post is great for two reasons.
Firstly, you get to have a peek into the scrap space that my lovely husband helped to build for me (it's no secret that this is my favourite room in the house!)
Secondly, I had to tidy up a bit before I could take the photos... so now i've discovered that there's actually a desk in here! Woohoo!
 This is my main work area.  The desk continues along the other wall, where the computer is, but this is the space that I do most of my crafting in.  You can see the great little craft stand that my sister made me years ago, which is so handy for keeping things organised.  The little chest of 3 drawers holds some sewing equipment, for when I need to get to it quickly.  The 12 inch desk organiser is one of my favourite Kaisercraft beyond the page ideas, and as you can't see half of it, you can probably get the picture that I love it and use it all the time! The tower of little drawers holds lots of things, from handmade cards, bling, journal aids, pens, punches, spare blades for my trimmers and my acrylic blocks.
And the basket on top hold all my flowers (much to the delight of my two little mischief makers!) I have tried all sorts of ideas to organise my flowers, but have come to the conclusion that if they're in a basket they are prettier, and much less hassle to put back in the right spot once the girls have pulled them out!
 On the left hand side wall (when you're sitting in my red chair!) I've got a narrow set of shelves that I made from scrap timber.  I keep a good collection of little embellishments, brads, eyelets, etc, in the little clear containers.  All my inks, mod podge, glossy accents, crackle paints, paints, buttons, embossing powders and paints live here.  And if you look closely, you'll see that my nail polish lives there too :) At least it's out of the reach of children!
 Under the desk is a set of scrapping drawers.  They keep all my alphas, spare page protectors, etc etc somewhat organised...
 Then beside the desk I have a bit of a mishmash of furniture.  The plastic containers hold all sorts of things - little rolls of ribbon, sewing gear, felt, chipboard elements and paper scraps.  On a side note, if you're after great ribbon, I buy mine from a great site - Summer Ray .
Their ribbons are great quality, and very well priced.  Her blog is also great, with some great ideas of things to make!
 Ok, so ignore the boxes teetering precariously on top of the drawers...
All my patterned paper sheets live in this paper tower. I got it from the Fox collection and got it for about $55 on special.  The grey cover zips down to hide the paper when you're not using it, which keeps it looking tidy, and stops your paper getting dusty.
Against the other wall is my bookshelf.  It houses all my albums, magazines and other stuff bookshelves should, but I picked up a few seagrass baskets today to keep things a bit tidier in there as well.
 As you can see, they hold my beyond the page project blanks...

Dies, and lots of other stuff that can get pretty untidy quickly.  It's handy keeping these in a basket, so i can pop the basket on the desk, and flick through to find what I want easily.  It's also handy having a spot beside it for my big shot as well.

Well thats it for the grand tour of the craft room!
Hope you enjoyed the sneaky peek!
x Rita

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