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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day to all my lovely readers!  And thanks so much for stopping by my little blog - you truly are appreciated!
I knocked up a special Valentine's day treat last night - (and will be saving some for my beloved when he gets home on Tuesday!)
I used a chocolate biscuit recipe from TidyMom and made royal icing to frost them with. (2 egg whites, 3 cups icing sugar, 3 tsp lemon juice).  Because I'm going to my sister's place for morning tea tomorrow, I thought I'd better stay in her good books and make them gluten free, so I adapted the recipe by substituting the plain flour for gluten free plain flour.
I also made sure that the icing sugar mixture I used was Gluten Free.
They were lots of fun to decorate!  Time consuming, but fun!
I think the girls will love them for morning tea tomorrow :)
 I used a flooding method to cover the base of the biscuit, and then used a runnier mix of the royal icing in a darker pink to pipe the details, so they melted together to give a flat design with a design incorporated in it.
There were a few less than perfect ones (hehe!), but all in all, it was lots of fun, and I'm sure they'll be a very popular sweet little treat!
Love to you all!
xx Rita


lisa said...

ooh yum!! Can't wait to eat them! I don't know about there being any left for your beloved after I've finished with them! They look gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you mail Harry and I one please Rita!!!!!!!! Pretty please with pink icing on top?????

Rita said...

I would Dani, but the kids ate them all!