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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cupcake Tower

First things first...
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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
A few months ago, I was asked to decorate the new Kaisercraft Cupcake Stand, to be used as a shop display at Scrapbook Shenanigans in Townsville.  I chose to decorate with a red white and green theme, as it was getting close to Christmas, and this is what it looked like. 
Don't those cuppies look delicious?

Well anyways, the Christmassy colours got a bit old after a while, so in the search for something a bit more fresh and versatile, we chose some gorgeous paper from the TPC Studio range "Sunny Bunny" - the paper itself is called "Spring Flowers".  
I cut out the skirts on my Craft Robo, but if you were to do this yourself, you can easily use a border punch to get a decorative effect.  Simple scallops would look fantastic too. 

I used a 3/8" wide emerald green Grosgrain ribbon to wrap the bottom of each tier.  I tried a few different colours, but the green gave the stand a bit more body, so to speak, and defines each tier more. 
Around the bottom, I tied a gazillion  little bows ,(ok, 12... i exaggerate sometimes)... and glued them onto each scallop.
Then I took a whole bunch of handmade roses (I made these with coloured paper, and spritzed them with glimmermist), and using a thin strand of wire, wired them together in a line.
  I then attached each garland of roses to the underside of the tier above.  I only did this on the lower two tiers - the upper tier doesn't have enough room to worry too much about it. 
For the upper tier, I glued a rose directly to the base, and attached a small sprig of green tara vine ribbon behind it. 
I cut short lengths of the vine, and draped them through the rose garlands to add a bit of greenery and softness to it, and then added a few more roses where I thought it needed them. 

Before I take it back to the store, I will re-dress some of the cupcakes to take pride of place on the stand!
You might notice that this time around, I decided to make the "skirts" go upwards, to almost form a fence around the outside.  This is in the hope that Michele will fill the baskets with loads and loads of lollies... hehehe
See you tomorrow!
x Rita
P.S.  Apologies that the last photo is a tad on the blurry side.  Kinda hard to take photos while a puppy licks your face and jumps all over you!


Anonymous said...

Damn that's awesome your work! Harry and I love cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

P.S I will just put in my order now for a cupcake tower for my birthday thanks Rita!!!!!!