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Friday, April 1, 2011

Entertainment Unit - Wardrobe Makeover

A few days ago I posted a picture of this entertainment unit, which I was hoping to transform into a pretty little wardrobe for our youngest daughter.  My husband wasn't convinced, but I ploughed on, hoping like mad I'd be able to pull it off! 
First of all, I gave it a light sand, then painted it in a few coats of Taubmans "Princess Bling" white.  Note to self: when painting anything white, allow 3x  more paint than if you were using any other colour. 
Once that was all done, I cut down some chalkboard sheeting to fit the holes where the glass was.  I chose to get rid of the glass for both the safety reasons, and asthetics.  Messy cupboards and glass doors aren't cool!  Neither are smashed glass doors :) .  I decided to use chalkboard so the girls can have a bit of fun with it too, and it's simple enough to switch the panel out for something a little more "grown up" when she decides that she's too old for a chalkboard. 
 I covered the back panels of the hanging area, and the shelving area in printed canvas, just to add a flash of colour to the inside.  I used a spray adhesive to stick this down. Another note to self: Take a break when using spray adhesive... it stinks!
Once that was done, there wasn't too much else to do. I painted a pretty little floral flourish on each of the chalkboards, and embellished that a bit with rhinestones, and then painted the doorknobs pale purple, and coated them in superfine glitter.
 I can't wait to show it to her!!! 

We've still got to work out what we're doing with the centre section, at this point we're looking around for a nice mirror to go in there, so that she can have a sweet little dressing table at a height that's great for a little miss. 
We also have to put a hanging rail in the hanging section, but that's a tomorrow job. 
Hope you like my little makeover - I'm super excited with it!!!
I will take some better photos of it in the morning, the lighting isn't great in these photos, but I'm too excited not to share it right now!
x Rita


Anonymous said...

God you are amazing Rita, love the dressing table! Hmm Harry needs a big boy bed can you make those too? ;-)

Rita said...

I dunno about make one... but I sure can make an old crappy one look pretty cool!

Sewandthecity said...

I knew it would look lovely but this is soo girlie lovely! I love the black board detail, the beautiful drawing and the floral inside, really, really nice - and since we have been watching Tinker Bell today I believe any pixie would be happy to have such a gorgeous wardrobe, certainly the two pixies in your house!

Sars said...

Wow, it looks amazing!