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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Layer Cake Skirt

 This skirt was a bit of an evolution. I started making it the other night, must've been too tired, because I stuffed it royally, so I gave up on it, and left it for a bit.  (I actually sewed the ruffle on inside out, but it was all overlocked and everything before I realised! Argh!)
I decided to try again yesterday, and was able to switch the joining seam on the purple around without having to unpick the whole lot.  It didn't help much with the rolled hem being the wrong way around (shame!)  but I added a sweet little ruffle of white lace all the way around to hide that - and I actually think that the frilly lace makes the skirt go from nice to WOW!
And Gracie thought it was pretty sweet too :)

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