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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pencil Rolls

My girls were given a set of colouring in pencils the other day, and world war three broke out.  "That's my pink pencil!!!! " and so on...
I decided then and there that I'd make the girls an individual pencil roll, so that they had a place for each of their pencils, and so that I would be spared the arguments.
For this I used 2 squares of fabric, about 25x25cm, as well as 2 rectangles of 9cm x 25cm.
I sewed the rectangles along the long edges, and turned them in the right way.
I then took the inner fabric, and stitched the rectangle on one short edge, to the bottom section of the square.
I then sewed lines, about 2cm apart, on the rectangle, so that the pencils would have a nice little divider. I wanted to leave enough fabric at the top to be able to fold a flap over the top of the pencils to stop them falling out. 
Once that was done, I lay the outer fabric over the top of the pencil holder, and stitched all the way around the edges, leaving a gap to turn.
I clipped the corners, and turned it in the right way, and added a line of topstitching all the way around, to seal the gap and to add a bit of strength.
Finally, I sewed a length of ribbon onto the back of the outer, to tie the bundle up with!
Wouldn't these make fabulous little gifts?  I can see them all packaged up with a pretty colouring in book (or a tough one, if you make it in boys fabrics!) - super cheap to make, and really quick too.  I made these 2 in about 30 minutes!
 Let's see if it helps me avoid world war three tomorrow!
x Rita

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Bri said...

love this idea!!! :)