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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sleeping bag bags

I was asked today to run up a sleeping bag cover for my nephew, whose sleeping bag's old cover had a bit of a blow out. 
I decided to use a simple cylinder style bag, but to make it a bit cooler (we all know how cool young boys are - they wouldn't want anything that looked a bit sissy), I decided to make the outside in black, and line it in red. 
The construction of the bag doesn't get much more simple than this - I cut a rectangle, of 43cm x 80cm, from both the red and black fabric.  I then cut a rough circle, with a diameter of 13cm (this is allowing for a 1cm seam allowance. 
Stitch the short sides of each rectangle together, and then stitch on the matching coloured circle to the bottom. Repeat with the other colour.
Turn the lining fabric bag in the "right way", and pop it inside the outer bag, and stitch around the top, leaving a small gap to add your ribbon or cord.  Turn in the right way and press, if you like.
I then ran a line of stitching about 2.5cm from the top seam of the bag, all the way around.  This will keep the cord in place. 
I chose to use little eyelets for the cord entry and exit point, so I inserted them in the gap that I'd left, and then theaded through some black ribbon.  (Cord would probably be better, but I didn't have any!)
I then stitched a line of topstitching around the top of the bag, to close up the gap, and to add a bit of strength to the top of the bag. 
Don't forget to tie a knot in your ribbon or cord, so that it doesnt' get lost inside! 
This bag is super quick to make - I think it only took me about 15 minutes!
I also ran up another bag in some sweet dinosaur fabric, for my niece.  I made both bags a bit oversize, so that it's easier to fit the sleeping bag in, but also leaves plenty of room for those sleepover essentials!
x Rita

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