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Monday, April 11, 2011

Time for a cup of tea...

The girls have been loving playing with their tea set and kitchen the last few days, but play food has been a bit scarce at the moment for some reason.  I decided to make a couple of quick little teabags from felt so that they have something a bit more realistic when they make Nannie a cup of tea.  (despite the fact that she likes coffee... sometimes you need to make do!)
For these I cut a rectangle of white felt, folded it in half and then sewed along the bottom fold.  (I wanted a crease in the base, but I later discovered this probably wasn't necessary. 
I then folded the white felt back in the other way, and used a whip stitch to bind the edges of the felt together into a teabag shape. Halfway around I added a piece of string, and just before I sewed it shut, I added a few strips of dark maroon felt inside to make it look like it's filled with tea leaves. 
I then added a little tea bag tag to the other end of the string the same way. 
And then I made myself a nice little cup of tea and a bikkie!  No calories whatsoever! 
Can't wait to show the girls in the morning!!!

x Rita

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