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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scrapbook Stand

Last night I got frustrated trying to take a decent photo of my layout, so today I knocked up this little stand.  I used a piece of MDF that I had in the shed, which was about 450mm x 900mm.  I cut off approximately 100mm from one end to form the legs, and because I didn't want it to be way too big to store anywhere!
To make it storage friendly, I used a few small hinges to add the feet, about 120mm from the upper edge.  I wanted the legs to hinge so that they would store flat when I wasn't using it.  I picked these hinges up from a $2 shop a couple of years ago for $1 for a pack of 3 hinges! Bargain!  I knew I'd use them someday! :)
I used a piece of 12x12mm square dressed pine to add the rail that the pages would sit along, and then gave the whole lot a coat of paint.  For some reason, the tin of paint (that I only bought today!) was sputtering and throwing out all sorts of yuck, so I think for photos, I'll probably use a piece of fabric over the top as a backdrop. 
That will help in 2 ways - 1, it'll look pretty, and 2, it shouldn't reflect any glare, so hopefully I'll be able to get better photos!
x Rita

1 comment:

Sewandthecity said...

Oh tell me about making photos...i dread it...mine are never as good. The stand is a very clever idea and it looks very nice. And I guess you can change the background for different projects.