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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Love!

While I'm busily working on my latest project, I thought I'd post links to a few of my favourite blogs for you to check out while! (and a completely self indulgent picture of my 3 favourite people in the world)! :)
First of all, Sew and the City  - Irina creates the most gorgeous little projects! Like me, she's fairly new to this blogging thing, so pop on over and say hi!

You've been living under a rock if you haven't visited Darla over at Bakingdom - every time I click on her blog, I swear I put on a kilo or three!

For my daily belly laughs, I check out Cake Wrecks - as the name implies - it's full of terrible cakes, that are made "professionally" :o  The commentary is hilarous, and you'll get lost for weeks browsing through the archives!

And finally (for today anyways), is LilaLoa - Georgeanne makes the most amazing, mind blowingly creative cookies!  Like the other day, she made graduate cookies... using a goldfish cookie cutter.  This girl has some serious creative talent! 

Check them out - you won't be sorry!
x Rita

1 comment:

Sewandthecity said...

Thank you Rita, for putting a smile on my face today with your post featuring my the first entry! I am delighted that you like what I do and absolutely flattered that you mentioned my blog! Lovely, thank you!