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Friday, May 20, 2011

Making use of leftovers!

I'm a pretty firm believer in waste not want not.  So when it comes to all the little bits and pieces of scraps that are accumulated through papercrafts, I try to use up what I can on smaller projects, like cards.
This card was made entirely through scraps - I keep a tub handy and throw all my little bits and pieces in there, and when it comes time to whip up a card, my first port of call is my scraps bucket. 
With a little bit of paper piecing, and a leftover little bird from another project (I had cut out a stack of them, and had a few leftover - rather than binning them, I put them aside in ANOTHER container, specifically to use as card toppers!) . 
And when the scraps bucket gets a bit too full, I go and take a load of the offcuts to Gracie's kindy, where they are always very grateful for colourful bits and pieces of paper, fabric or ribbon!
Oh.. and the giant jar of lollies behind it? Well that was a birthday present for a lucky friend!  Yummo!
x Rita

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