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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little bouquet of memories

I actually made this on Mothers Day with the girls.  They were BORED, and mummy, being sick, wanted them to sit down and be quiet for a minute!  I stumbled across this gorgeous idea on A Little Bit Funky, and decide that rather than making a corsage, I'd turn it into a bright little bouquet to sit in the cute little owl vase that I picked up at the op shop when we last visited Mum and Dad in Cardwell. 
For these, I traced out a handprint from each of the girls, and then cut out two of each colour that I wanted.  (I wanted 4 flowers, so I cut out 2 sets of 2 from each handprint.)  I also needed to cut 4 rectangles from a contrasting colour to form the stamens.  For that, you cut a rectangle and snip into it to make it spiky.
The girls helped with the next bit - rolling the stamen, first, then wrapping the first felt handprint (pinky first) around the stamen.  We then slightly offset the second handprint, and wrapped that too (keeping it fairly tight), and then tied the hands in place with a piece of string, tied super tight. 
Once that's all done, it's as easy as feathering out the "petals" to curve like you like them, and popping them in a vase!  I wanted mine to sit a bit firmer in the vase (and was too lazy to make some more), so I used a scrap of the purple felt to make a collar.  I cut it like a grass border, and then wrapped it around my posy, and pushed it into the vase! 
I think it's really cute, and doubly special because it's made from my girls handprints, and it's now taking pride of place beside my computer. 
 x Rita


allis said...

oh this is super sweet and I think something some Nannie's would like as "I Love you" pressies. I have flagged soooo many of your ideas for when I am stuck for things to do. THANKS xx

Sewandthecity said...

Thi is so nice! What a great idea to use the handprints of your girls for a pattern!Will be making this soon! Hope you are feeling better! x