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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New pretties

I've been having a little play, and have decided to get making on some new hair accessories to sell.  Two trends that I'm loving at the moment is the fabric rolled flowers, and felt flowers!  These guys here are just the start of my obsession, I've got lots and lots more planned! 
You'll be able to find these on my facebook page in the coming week or so, HERE!:)
 Sage ruffly clip (hot pink coming soon!)
 Stephie's yellow sparkly rose (her favourite colour is yellow!)
 I love this purple one, with it's little wispy threads giving it a soft, shabby chic feel.
 Felt fun!  This one is about 8 cm across, and would be gorgeous as a clip or clipped onto a jacket or top as a bit of colour.
pale pink fabric flower
hot pink printed yummy little flower
And the plain hot pink one which conveniently matches the outfit that I'm planning on wearing today... :)
Best of all, they'll be nice and cheap - I'm looking at $5 a clip, and will throw in a headband to clip them onto for an extra dollar!  Even better - I can make them in any colour of the rainbow - your wish is my command! :P
You can also choose to have them mounted on a bobby pin instead of a lined alligator clip. 
Which one's your favourite?
x Rita


Melissa said...

HI your flowers, and how darn clever of you making miniature furniture using paper.
Are you related to a Brad FIsher by any chance??

Rita said...

Hi Melissa, I'm not aware of any Brad Fisher's in my husband's family (I'm a Muller, married into a family of Fishers). :)

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

Since the royal wedding, I'm on a mission to incorporate more hats and hair flowers into my wardrobe, so this is perfectly timed! I love all of these, especially the felt one. All those layers are so pretty!

Sewandthecity said...

Hi Rita, I thought you might find this interesting

I love your roses!