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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tim Holtz Configurations

My sister and I picked up one of these Tim Holtz Configurations printer trays each the other day.  I knew instantly that I wanted to do it up as part of my husband's birthday present!
I wanted to keep it feeling quite masculine, so I lined each of the boxes with Bo Bunny paper, from the Mama-Razzi collection (one is Mama-Razzi stripe, the other is Mama-Razzi Dot).
I have since been scouring the house for little bits and pieces to go in here.  Bits and pieces of memorabillia that are just US.  Things we've done together, things that were a big part of our lives, and helped to shape who we are today. 
A few bits and pieces you'll see in there are the necklaces we traded just after we met, and Pete was sent over to East Timor for 6 months. (we were only 18 in these pics!)

The National Parks Pass from our honeymoon in Tasmania. 
The memory card from our first digital camera - Pete paid close on $100 for this little fella in 2003!
And some Lego... Pete loves his lego! 
There's a few empty spots that I've still gotta fill, I want to add a newborn photo of each of the girls, and a fw other bits and pieces, but I think this is going to be a work in progress - I'm not going to rush to fill it, and end up with something not so meaningful in there. 
Once it's all done, I'm going to cover it with acetate, and display it on the wall. 
 I think they're a great idea for displaying bits and pieces of memorabillia that would normally get tucked away in a box.  You can get a few different sizes, this is the largest (by a long way!) but also the shallowest.  The smaller ones also come with a cover to keep all your goodies in place. 
And perhaps for our 50th wedding anniversary we'll trot this little baby out and see how many people remember what the bits and pieces are all about! :)
x Rita


Sewandthecity said...

My husband will be hitting the big 40 in October and I am already thinking about a nice and memorable present for him! This is an absolutley lovely idea, I might have to copy it! Great work, I love the details and thought you've put into it!
I guess you have removed the post for the dolls house furniture as I can see it as a follower, but when I click on it it is not there anymore! I feel I missed on some pretty adorable tiny little furniture! x

Rita said...

Blogger was down during the week so it ate a few posts, I've reposted it today :).
The print tray style boards are great and so much easier to work with than I had anticipated!