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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Post Removed

Today's layout - "How Tweet It Is", has been removed, as I am submitting it to Scrapbooking Memories magazine, and to comply with policies, I have to remove it from public view.  How exciting! I'll repost it once I'm allowed to (I think it's 2 months after it's printed).

x Rita


Sewandthecity said...

Just wanted to wish you best of luck for the Kaisercraft venture and with the Scrapbooking magazine! Your work is amazing!

Rita said...

Hi Irina, thanks for the warm wishes. Unfortunately I didnt make the cut for Kaisercraft. I was a little disappointed, but ultimately it means I get mote time to make nice things for my own blog :). I'm pretty excited about the possibility of getting published though, it'll be my first time! :)