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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day!

For those readers in Australia, you'd be well aware that it was Australia Day yesterday!  For my overseas readers not familiar with how we celebrate things in Australia, the general idea of Australia day is not only commemorating the landing of the first fleet (and some not so good things that happened on that day), but for most people, celebrating Australia day is a casual celebration of all the wonderful things about being Australian. 
This year we had a big family gathering at my sister's house, where she and her husband put on an amazing multicultural feast.  We had Turkish Koftas, Caesar Salad, Chorizo and Haloumi salad with lime juice dressing, as well as the all Australian snags, steak and damper.  Yummo!  Australia truly is a melting pot of all different nationalities - our eating habits certainly show that! 
I took a few happy snaps yesterday, so I decided to repossess a piece of scrapbook paper that I'd bought.. oooh, probably 6 years ago.  I gave up scrapping about 5 years ago, and gave all my stuff to my sister for her kids to play with, but fortunately this fabulous piece survived! Hurrah!  (obviously, I decided to give Scrapbooking another go, or I wouldn't be writing this blog!)
To scrap this page, I wanted to keep it simple, but still incorporate a few photos.  We were all wearing a temporary tattoo of the Aussie flag on our cheek for the day, so I selected photos where that was showing, and cropped to suit.  I printed these photos at home, so they probably aren't standard sizes either. 

Each photo was matted onto a piece of white cardstock, and for visual interest, I raised the photo of my eldest daughter up on foam tape, just to stop the layout being completely flat.  Check out the eyes on this pair of gorgeous girls!

The letters are Bella Chipz! glittery letters, and to add a bit of journalling, I made a little tag on my computer to slip in behind the photo of my baby girl.  I cleverly forgot to fill the 2011 on the outside of the tag, so I used some watercolours to paint in the lettering.  
This layout was so easy, I almost feel like I cheated! :o
x Rita 
P.S.  Apologies for the terrible quality of photos here at the moment.  My good camera had a hissy fit, and I'm waiting on a new lens to arrive.  Until then, the old point and shoot has to do - I've never missed a piece of technology as badly as I miss my SLR! Until I get my big camera up and running, I won't upload photos as high resolution, because I don't want you to laugh at my terrible photography! :)

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Lisa said...

Very nice layout! I was wondering what you were going to do with that paper! The girls eyes look sooooo blue in this, especially Stephanies!