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Monday, January 31, 2011

Spitball Flowers!

Ok, try not to be put off by the name.  These flowers are really simple to make, and super cute. 

For these, you'll need either eight scallopped circles, punched from pretty paper, or as I've used here, 8 slightly banged up kaisercraft flowers.  You can make them to any size, and using any shape flower you happen to have. 

First of all, take each flower, and smear a bit of ink onto them.  Don't be too fussy about what it looks like, it'll blend in the next step. 

Using a mini mister (or spray bottle, or even wetting your fingers and rubbing them over the flower), dampen each flower down, and screw it up into a loose spitball.   If you want a bit of a shimmer, you can either use glimmermist, or a dash of perfect pearls powder in a spritzer.  I added a bit of ink into my mister as well - I don't have a reinker for the colour i wanted, so i used an ear bud to soak up some ink from my inkpad, and then dibbled it in the water in my mini mister to colour the water a bit.  When all else fails, improvise! The water will help to blend the ink, so colouring it with perfect pearls or glimmermist isn't really necessary. 

Carefully unfold each flower (they will be quite delicate as they're wet), and stack them on top of each other. 
Using a faithful old thumbtack, or your favourite piercing tool, poke a hole through the centre of the stack. 

Insert a small brad (you won't see it), and fasten the stack together.

Taking the top flower, tightly bunch all the petals up in the centre. 

Repeat for the following 7 layers. 

Using your fingers, gently fan out the petals until you have a pretty little flower. 
These flowers will toughen up a bit as they dry, so leave them a few hours to dry, and they'll stay puffy and beautiful! You can also shape the petals some more as it dries.  It's a great way to use up leftover flowers that aren't perfect, or even making a few feature flowers out of a bit of scrap paper.
And of course, if you don't have 8 flowers, you can still make them, they just won't end up as full or fluffy - but sometimes that's just perfect too!
x Rita

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