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Friday, January 21, 2011

On A Beach Someplace Beautiful...

 I just love this photo of Pete, Gracie and Stephanie playing on the beach, and knew I wanted a beautiful layout to match.  When I found this Bo Bunny paper, I knew it'd be a perfect match!
I chose to use a dark slate background, and as I only had one piece of the patterned paper (yep, I'm a cheapskate!) I cut it into three strips.  With the top and bottom strip, I trimmed them down by about 1 cm on each side, and rounded the corners as you can see.  For the centre strip, I flipped the paper over, and stuck that down, straight across the page.  Once that was stuck down, I positioned my top and bottom strips, placed my photo, and the cutout with the palm trees on it.  It lacked a bit of dimension, so I dyed some white lace ribbon in a strong cup of tea, and once that was dry, bunched that up and stuck it down to the underside of my palm tree tag.  The whole tag was then stuck on foam tape, and fixed onto the layout. 

These little sandcastle, bucket and spade embellishments were approximately a gazillion years old, and the bucket and spade were fluoro yellow with equally fluoro handles.  I used watercolour crayons to recolour my elements to suit the layout, and if you didn't know any better, you would think they always looked like that! I left the sandcastle as it was though, because it was perfect the way it was.
And, as usual, to finish the layout, I added a little bit of journalling to the bottom right hand corner. 
Every time I look at this layout, it makes me smile, and takes me back to our little camping trip to the beach!
x Rita

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