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Friday, January 28, 2011

Craft Stand

A few years ago, my eldest sister got sick and tired of me complaining about my rub ons always getting damaged before I got around to using them. (Ideally, they should be stored without any pressure on either side, otherwise they can transfer onto their backing sheet). So she made a stand for all my bits and pieces to hang on, and never have I had a rub on get damaged since!  I decided that I would return the favour, and make her very own craft stand for her craft room. 
I sourced the basic block from... ahem... my eldest sister.  She works for a company that sells locks, and the displays aren't reused, so I was able to salvage this one.  They're nice and heavy, so I thought that would be a good base.  I cut a length of dressed pine to about 65cm, and drilled and screwed that to the top of the tall stand.  (Sometimes my trusty thumbtack just doesn't do the job, for this one I had to use the drill!)

I covered the base with light orange paper - orange is Leena's favourite colour.  I had a couple of sheets of Bo Bunny Sophie range left from another project, so I trimmed down a rectangle of the flourishy bit to adorn the front of the stand. 
I decided to use the Sophie Stripe sheet to cover the top bar, just to add a big punch of colour to the stand.  For this I removed the bar from the stand, trimmed the page into 3 10cm strips, and then covered the bar, leaving the middle of the underside bare, for the hooks to go in easily. 
I measured 5cm intervals on the bare part of the bar, and using my faithful pilot thumbtack, marked out 5 hooks on each side of the base stand.  I chose gold coloured cup hooks, as I like gold and purple together.  :)
Once the hooks were in, I carefully reattached the top bar to the base. I also added a strip of the stripey paper to the base, just to tie in the stripe a bit more. 
Once it was all done, I looked back and decided it needed something else. 
I painted a wooden flourish with some of the tarnished brass Distress Crackle Paint, which i seem to be using a lot of lately!  I used a good quality PVA glue to attach that to the top, and added a pretty hot pink rhinestone to top it all off. 

I hope Leena likes it! 
(and no, Leena, you can't have all my goodies that I hung on it for display! :) )
x Rita

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