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Monday, January 17, 2011

Gift Wrap Storage

This post isn't anything particularly detailed or ornate, but bred from necessity.  For some reason or another, rolls of giftwrap have been breeding in my craft room.  The continual shifting them around, or leaning them up against things, or even better, having one of the girls take off with a roll and "decorate" has finally gotten a bee in my bonnet, so I've decided to make a special box for them to live and breed in till their heart's content. 
I decided to upcycle the box from my new steam mop, because the packaging was really nice and sturdy.  I cut it to size using a craft knife, and also trimmed down a segment of the box inner as well, to serve as a divider, to stop the rolls falling over when there's not too many in there.  (pfft... as if!)

Once that was all done, I covered the box in some plain coloured paper. 

 I still wanted it to be cute though, as it's going to be living in my craft room, but as it was a pretty small project, I just used 2 sheets of cheapy scrapbooking paper to decorate it.  I taped a 15cm wide strip of the patterned paper all the way around the box, and then added a strip of purple ribbon to the front. 
Using an offcut from another sheet, I trimmed out some elements, and raised them up on pop dots to make them look a bit cuter, and wrote the words "Gift Wrapping" on the cloud.  (Just in case someone mistook it for something else :/  hehe).

The end result though, I'm happy with. It seriously took me all of 20 minutes, and now my rolls of gift wrap (and contact too) have found a cute home, for next to nothing!
x Rita


allis said...

Rita, I am sooo impressed, I too have used an old box to house all my gift wrapping rolls - but I had always hidden it in the corner of our bedroom and never really worried about decorating it. I do beleive when we undertake our bedroom make over, I will also make over the paper box :)

PS what about your curling ribbons, bows, gift tags, sticky tape, scissors etc - do you have a caddy for these to keep near your gift wrapping box?


Anonymous said...

What a great idea and it looks so pretty. Very impressive I love it.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your talent.

Rita said...

Thanks for the comments guys!
Lisa, I have a set of drawers beside the box with all my scissors & curling ribbons in it, and my sticky tape lives in a stickytape holder on my desk. I also keep a stash of handmade cards ready to go, so I can grab one and go if I am in a hurry!