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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dusty Attic Tote

This sweet little box is a piece from Dusty Attic.  I've got two, so I am going to do one super girly and pretty, but the first one is going to be quite masculine. 
First of all, I spray painted the base with olive drab paint (raided from our model paint kit!). 
I then painted these gorgeous Dusty Attic Cogs (DA0001) in Ranger Distress Crackle paint. (Tarnished Brass).
Once these were dry, I trimmed down some Graphic 45 "Renaissance Faire Collection - Triumphant" paper to fit, leaving a decent border of the olive paint.  
I used a few brads to position the cogs where I wanted them (because I want them to spin!), and then set them aside while I assembled the box. As the box is designed to carry things, it's quite snug fitting, so I used a good quality PVA glue, and a hammer to seat the pieces in neatly. 
I then finished the box off by attaching my paper panels, making sure to reinforce behind the brads.  A quick dab of the tarnished brass crackle paint changed the colour of my dark brown brads to suit the tarnished brass cogs.    

 I added a layer of distress crackle paint in rock candy over the paper, but the effect is difficult to photograph.  It gave the box a subtle, aged look, without changing the look of the beautiful paper! 
I still feel like something is missing on it though, any ideas what I could add?
x Rita

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