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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jewellery Hanger

Tonight's project is one that's been sitting on my desk for a very long time.  I'm pleased to say, I've finally got my backside into gear, and done it!
I picked up a chunky frame on clearance at Bunnings early last year, with the intention of making a hanger for all my jewellery. The glass was broken, so I tossed that, as well as the backboard.  I wanted mesh to hang earrings on, and hooks for my necklaces. 
I started with the plain frame - I decided to leave the pine raw, as I liked the soft creamy colours. 
For the mesh, I cut some aluminium fly screen mesh slightly oversize, and then folded the edges over to reinforce it.  I glued that in place, and folded the steel bits that hold the picture in place down to clamp over the edge of the fly screen. 

I chose to use a Kaisercraft paper, from the Le Chateau Collection.  I cut the paper to size, making sure I could leave an even border around the edge, and then stuck it down. 

 Using a craft knife, I very carefully trimmed out the inside rectangle, and saved that piece to make the roses. 

 I should add, that I used the reverse side of the paper to make the roses.  Aren't they cute? I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make these soon!

I found this adorable Prima rhinestone bird picture at my local scrap shop (Hi Michele!), and wanted it to be the focal point of the frame.  It got lost a little on its own, so I backed the birdie with some pale blue cardstock, just to make him stand out a bit more.  To do this, I needed to separate him from his branch, so when I reattached it all, I was able to put the bird up on foam tape to make him stand out a bit more. 

For the flowers, I used a mixture of miniature roses and rosebuds from Green Tara, as well as handmaking the larger caramel coloured roses. 

I then evenly spaced out where I wanted to place my necklace hooks, and using a thumbtack as a pilot (hey, a girl's gotta improvise sometimes!), screwed the little hooks in place.  Making a pilot hole makes the job a lot easier - it stops the timber from warping as the screw goes in, and also protects your paper. 

Now I can't wait for the glue to dry, so I can hang it up and fill it with my jewellery!
x Rita

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.. you should start up your own business.