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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Girly Things Tote

Last night I put together a masculine version of this little handyman style tote, so for tonight, I wanted something at the other end of the spectrum.  Something sugary, sweet, and super girly.  Also, super useful, as I'm starting to get really sick of having to search high and low for the missing hair combs, hair ties and clips to tie the girls hair up!
I chose to use the Kaisercraft "Candy Lane" collection.  I'm a sucker for bright colour and clean lines, and I've gotta admit that this is one of my favourite Kaisercraft collections yet! 

To begin with, I spraypainted the disassembled box with silver spray paint, and reassembled with my trusty glue and hammer, as I did for yesterday's version. The paint has a metallic fleck through it, and is quite shiny, so the paint job looks terrible in this shot! 

Then, trimming the stripey paper to size, I attached that to the base with a nice layer of mod podge.  You can use any adhesive for this, I just had my mod podge handy. :)
I then took 2 lengths of grosgrain ribbon, sealed the ends, and adhered them in place on each of the long sides.  Over the top of this I added a little bow made from the same ribbon.  (To seal grosgrain ribbon, just run the cut end of the ribbon through the flame from a lighter for a second).
A journalling tag from the Journal Tags booklet added a bit more interest on the side, and to tie in the silver of the box, I inked the edges with a little bit of silver ink. 
I added die cut shapes from the Printed Chipboard, a bling word (I used "princess") and a rub on for the other side finished off the decorations.  I went over the occasional line on the striped paper with a bead of kindyglitz to add a bit of sparkly goodness without overwhelming the paper. 
(Miss Three tells me that glitter makes everything for princesses!)

And voila! Here's to hoping that the brushes, combs and clips are easy to find from here on in!
x Rita
P.S.  The bows that you see in the basket are all handmade by me too!


allis said...

That is soooo gorgeous Rita - well done xx

Mama said...

Thankyou! Glad you liked it. My girls were both pretty impressed with it this morning!