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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gearing up for St Patrick's Day!

St Patty's day is just around the corner, so I thought I'd make a few little decorations to decorate the house a little bit in his honour. 
I decided to make some large rosettes to hang along the divider bit between our lounge and dining area.
These are very simple to make, but look great!
First I took my sheets of paper - because I was being a cheapskate and using coloured paper that was only printed on one side, I stamped a design onto the back of the paper, to bring in a bit of green to the back as well. 
I then scored the paper at 1/2 inch intervals all the way across. 
For the larger rosettes, I cut 3 strips of paper 4 inches wide (making sure the score lines went across the page, so I could fold them).
I then concertina folded each of the strips, and double sided taped them end to end to form a big springy circle. 
 I cut 2 circles from scrap paper, and loaded them up with glue, placing one gluey side up on the table, and pressing the centre of the springy paper cone down into the middle to form the rosette.  I then stuck the other circle on top, and popped it under a glass to dry.  You can use any heavyish object for this, my glass was just handy. Looks like a fancy coaster!
I then cut two felt circles out, one green, one white, and stuck them over the scrap paper circles.  I layered a hand cut shamrock that I had cut from felt on each side (alternating the colour though, to make it stand out).
 Once that was all dry, I used a small hole punch, and a length of fishing line to tie a string onto each rosette, and hung them up to fly!
Do you do anything special for St Patrick's Day?  I'm planning on slipping a whole lot of green food colouring into our food as well as a few other mischevious things!

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