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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Saturday Night, at my place...

Once my two little girls have gone off to the land of Nod, it's Mama's playtime! 
I've been a little slack on the posting this week, I think I misplaced my mojo! But it's found its way back home, and tonight I'm busily making some new owls. 
Lots of new colour combinations, plus a couple of custom orders. 
And all the while, I'm being supervised by the sweatshop manager, and quality control officer, Rizzo.
He can be a tough boss, but tonight he's happy with the work I've done.  I think he likes the hum of the sewing machine!
Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend, and hopefully my posting will be back to being a bit more regular next week!
x Rita


Anonymous said...

You sure have a cute sweatshop manager!

timncarly said...

Rita where did you find the board with the scrap bin attached? What a brilliant idea!

Rita said...

It's actually a "serger mat" - designed to sit under the overlocker so that the bits of offcuts go in there rather than all over my floor. I picked it up at Spotlight a few weeks ago - normally $20, but I got it on clearance for $5!!!