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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sssh... Baby Dreaming

I've made this wall plaque up for a customer on my facebook page, Lovebug Designs, who requested the colours green and purple. 
To begin, I sanded down the Kaisercraft plaque, and brushed the edges with two coats of mauve kaisercolour paint.  While the second coat was drying, I sprinkled the edges with some lavender superfine glitter, and left it to dry.  Typically, I didn't take a photo of this bit!  But I remembered the next part!
Once that was dry, I smeared a thin layer of craft glue on the top surface of the plaque.  Carefully, I placed the sheet of green and white polka dot paper over the top, and smoothed it down.  Again, I left this a couple of hours to dry, before trimming off the excess with a craft knife. 
I was hoping to use my Craft Robo to cut out the title, but something went pear shaped (I think I'm up for a new blade in it), and that didn't work, so I sketched out the text in a font that I'd printed off the computer, and handpainted the words on in the mauve paint. 
Once this was dry, I covered it in a good thick layer of glossy accents, to make it really stand out. 
While I was waiting for everything to dry, I diecut a whole stack of stars out of the leftover green and white paper, and some purple cardstock.  I glued these together, sandwiching a piece of fishing line in between to keep it looking nice and floaty and romantic.  Once the glossy accents on the front was dry, I flipped the sign over, and using a few extra stars and a Lovebug Designs tag, adhered the strands of fishing line & stars to the rear of the plaque.
(you could use any scraps, but I thought that the stars made it look a bit more professional.  
I like to use the 3M picture hanging strips to hang this sort of project, as they make it easy to keep level, and it doesn't have the same level of commitment as putting a hole in the wall, or baby's door, to hang it.  They're like giant velcro, and I've found them to be excellent, and to hold up very well, even despite the heat and humidity here in Townsville. 
I'm really happy with how it looks, I hope my customer loves it too! (the colours are a bit out in this pic for some reason - it's a lot softer than it looks here! - you also can't see the glittery accents, but they're there! And super sweet :)
x Rita


Belinda said...

That looks great Rita! I am a fan of yours on Facebook and can't wait to order some of your stuff!

Amanda @ said...

I can't get over how adorable this is! Great job!

Sewandthecity said...

This is ablsoutely lovely! Love the colours and the writing... just adorable!