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Friday, March 4, 2011

Table Restoration

Something a bit different today! 
We've had this old table sitting out in the shed for a few years now, and as I'm starting to go insane because our current dining table is WAY too big for our dining room, I decided to have a shot at refinishing the table, and bringing the old one back in.  
 She was in a pretty sorry state!  But after a good sand down, and a coat of Cabots Stain & Varnish (I chose the colour "Western Jarrah" in Gloss finish, it's starting to look good again! I've still got another 2 coats to do yet, you're meant to leave it 8 hours between coats.  But holy moly, am I impatient to get it done! 
 I also put a coat on one of the chairs, I've gotta drag the other 3 out and give them a light sand before I can paint them.  The white spot isn't a bit I've missed either, just a reflection from the fluoro overhead light.
I'm loving how it's coming up!  I also like how I haven't completely sanded out the "wear marks" from us using the furniture.  There's something about slightly worn in feeling furniture that I just love.  Maybe it has more character to me, or perhaps I'm just a bit strange :)
So that's my little project for tonight, hopefully I'll have it all done over the weekend, so when the boss gets home next week he can help me move it all inside!
Have a great weekend!
x Rita
P.S.  Check back on Monday, as I'm hoping to have some gorgeous Owl Cushion Covers to show you all! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome Rita! Go girl...