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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kaisercraft Bookend Drawers

I've had these drawers sitting in my "Blank BTP" basket for a little while now, waiting for inspiration to strike with it.  Tonight, I thought stuff it, I'll just wing it and see what I come up with! 
First of all, I put the frame of the drawers together.  Sometimes the Kaiser kits can be a bit of a puzzle, so it pays to do a dry run before you start banging bits together, or gluing them down.
I decided to cover the drawers with some of the paper that came with my Project Life kit, so I brushed on some white paint to the outer edge of the frame, and while I was waiting for that to dry, trimmed some of the pink spot paper to size.  I wanted to leave the inside of the bookend raw, as I planned on distressing the edges a little bit, and wanted the "unfinished" finish... if you know what I mean!
Once the paint was dry, I glued on the pink spotty paper, and rubbed a small piece of sandpaper along all the edges to distress them.  I also covered all of the drawers in a contrasting piece of the paper that came with my Amber Project Life kit. 
To decorate the front of the boxes, I've had some gorgeous cupcake buttons just begging to be used for a while now.  They are "Dress it up" brand, and so gorgeous I could eat them up! ( I think they'd be pretty tasteless though!)  I cut out a small oval from some leftover pink spot paper, and stuck that to the front of each drawer.  As the cupcake buttons had a shank on them, I trimmed them off with a craft knife, (which made the two halves of the cupcake fall apart - I had to stick them back together again with a spot of glue).  I added a generous dot of glue in the centre of the pink oval, and secured my yummy cupcake. 

 To finish it off, I covered the little pink ovals in some kindyglitz (crystallina). 
Now to find a spot on my desk for these cute little drawers! 
x Rita

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