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Monday, March 7, 2011

Owl cushion covers

 As promised, here are my owl cushion covers!  As you can see, Stephie is pretty darn impressed!  The purple one was the prototype, and I was pretty pumped at how it turned out.
 We've been taken over by a whole family of owls! The pattern is very similar to the little owls, but I didn't actually cut a pattern, so I can't share it!  I kinda made it up as I went along... those that know me will vouch for my apparent fondness for winging it when it comes to making things!
For the big owls, I added a star or a heart which I blanket stitched onto the tummy.  It just adds a little bit more interest to the owl, and looks super cute.
I painted the eyes on with black non-toxic paint, which was a much better alternative to nikko, and then stuffed them with a nice fluffy cushion insert, sat back, and watched the girls fight over them!
If you'd like an owl of your very own, keep an eye out on here in the next couple of days - I'm making a few up and will be selling them on
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!
xx Rita


Anonymous said...

Super cute!

Rita said...

I'm not sure why this posted tonight, when it wasn't supposed to post till tomorrow morning! It's all good though :D
Glad you like them! :D

Teresa said...

Those are the cutest owls ever!
Seriously, beyond adorable. How fun!

Rita said...

Glad you like them Teresa! Thanks for stopping by! (I stalk your blog too! :) )

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