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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soft Ball for baby

I saw this on the latest blog that I've started stalking, Sew and The City, and I thought that I had to try it! 
It's very simple, you can print off the pattern, found at Sew Mama Sew, then cut out 6 pieces of your chosen fabric (just make sure you cut along the bias, otherwise they'll stretch the wrong way!). I believe that Irina at Sew and The City used a pattern with 8 segments, but I didn't notice that till I'd made this already! To find the bias of your fabric, fold a corner of the fabric at 45degrees to the selvedge.  The fabric should have a certain stretch to it now, which will help create the ball shape. (as an aside, how cute is the fabric I've got in the pic below?  It was a remnant, and $2.20 for 60cm! Bargain!)
Then it's a simple matter of pinning the shapes together in two sets of threes, adding loops of ribbon where you like (or leaving them off altogether!). 
Stitch the two halves together, leaving a small gap to allow you to turn the ball in the right way, and stuff it. 
Fill the ball with polyfill, and if you like, add a small container with some beads or a bell in it to add a nice little jingle.
Make the stuffing nice and firm, and then handstitch the opening closed, making sure it's nice and secure.
Then, sit back and watch the kids fight over who's turn it is to have it!  Argh!
See you tomorrow!!!
x Rita


Sewandthecity said...

Thank you Rita, you are very nice and the baby ball has turned out really well. Did you put a bell in? Actually I was wondering if it would work with only six pieces and now I know. I guess you made them a bit wider...or not? With a cute toy like this one I suppose you practised a lot of "Now, let's take turns" :-)

Rita said...

I actually put a little plastic jar with beads in it. I couldn't find a bell :). The pattern I used (by following the links on your post - I think it was a pattern by Grand Revival - only said to use 6 pieces.